Strozzavolpe Castle

The origins of the castle date back to the first half of the eleventh century. Subsequent interventions were carried out during the fifteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth centuriesLike almost all the ancient castles, also that of Strozzavolpe has its legend that has now become an integral part of local and popular culture and tradition.

The ghost of the fox

A legend tells that the ghost of a fox is around the castle on full moon nights. This ghost lives in the grounds of the fortress because of Bonifacio IV of Tuscany, insisted on building this structure in this area despite that at that time,near the castle there was a fox that seemed to put even the bravest riders on the run. Thus began a real fox hunt, but in vain as the animal seemed to escape any time, making fun of even the most skilled hunters. It even seems that the fox kept away the adventurers spitting fire from her mouth. Boniface, stewed by the animal, decided to hide in the woods to kill her. The trap succeeded and the animal was strangled by a snare.
Shortly after the death of the fox, a magician predicted to Boniface IV of Tuscany that the castle would last as long as the body of the animal. In this way it was embalmed and inside it was poured out of melted gold. The body was hidden in the castle, in a secret place where no one could find it.



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