San Giorgio a Lapi

We are in Castelnuovo Berardenga, a remarkable part of the Chianti due to its unique terrain, excellent climate and above all the ‘dedicated’ people working here.
It is at San Giorgio a Lapi where the story of Gallo Nero and Siena cross paths in the production of  brilliant and distinct wines.
San Giorgio a Lapi has an ancient history when already in the 1700s wine was produced.
Her artistic origins go back to 1109, when the church of San Giorgio was erected.
In the 17th century San Giorgio was mentioned again due to the construction of the chapel which was adorned with  frescoes dedicated to the saint, protector against dragons.
These artistic works were consequently restored to the their original ancient splendour by commission of the Simoni family.



Interest and instinct prevailed Aldo Simoni to bring his expertise that he had acquired in the Trentino region here to the Chianti.
Since 1977 the events of his family have grown together with the estate of San Giorgio in Lapi. This  complete balance has achieved a perfect equilibrium. In 1999, the first bottles of wine, labeled San Giorgio a Lapi, were presented on the market.
Mattia Simoni, one of the artisans in the revival of the estate, worked assiduously on all levels of its organization from management of the vineyards and cantine to perfecting and presenting the excellent Chianti Classico and Chianti Colle Senesi.


The story centers around all the family members starting with the father Aldo, mother Fiorenza, and their children, Mattia, Iari, Luca, Valentina, Alberto  and Marianna. They work together in harmony collaborating with others contributing toward the final product.

Here on the 100 hectares of Chianti at San Giorgio a Lapi, the vines prosper in the unique combination of fertile terrain. The rocky landscape of the Chianti Classico is comprised of a claylike tuffaceous soil. It is the perfect blend  to cultivate together under an ideal microclimate in achieving exceptional wine.  The strong bond with this terrain has benefitted the sangiovese, and all of the other local indigenous grapes, such as colorino, canaiolo, white trebbiano and malvasia.



This experience also gave way to a unique opportunity as importing into the area the Teroldego grape variety . The same Teroldego the Simoni family mastered in the Trentino region. The result with the Sangiovese has been the production of a brilliant red wine, highly appreciated at San Giorgio a Lapi.

The selected grapes are vinified and separated according to their distinct qualities. After purifying, the final act is the blending and batching of the grapes using assorted methods depending on the desired vintage years.

All of this culminates in  delivering  the following San Giorgio a Lapi wines  around the world: Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Poggio Orlando, Chianti Classico Riserva Bandecca, Igt Leremo, Chianti Colli Senesi,Chianti Riserva Ermete, Fiore di Maggio Igt, Fiore di Maggio Bianco, Lapi d’Autunno and lastly Extra Vergin Olive Oil.

Wines and products that stimulates emotions and offer pleasure to those that appreciate  quality.

It is these commitments that we here at San Giorgio a Lapi work to obtain superior results.






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