San Pietro a Cintoia Parish Church

It is one of the oldest churches in the Diocese of Fiesole;The original church was built near the Castle of Cintoia, exactly in the place called Old Footer, in the twelfth century and then It was moved to the top of the hill overlooking the village of La Panca.

Dating back to the eighteenth century, and placed off center to residential areas,the church still shows part of the original Romanesque structure with a single nave plant and semicircular apse, while the interior has been transformed a little bit in the 14th century. The art works which were kept were transferred to a modern church dedicated to the Virgin(a few kilometers from Cintoia). The art works that were transferred included: a painting with a “Crucifixion” of the seventeenth century and the beautiful polychrome terracotta of the first half of the sixteenth century,that refers to the workshop of Giovanni della Robbia, representing the “Saints Peter and Paul in adoration of the Eucharist.”


pieve di san pietro


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