Gaville is a small village standing on the hills on the left bank of the Arno river near Figline e Incisa Valdarno. This area has been inhabited since ancient times thanks to its cardinal position. In fact, it is crossed by an ancient Roman road (the Cassia Adrianea or a branch of it).
Dante mentioned Gaville in his masterpiece The Divine Comedy ( Hell, XXV,151) . The poet says “l’altr’era quel che tu, Gaville, piangi”.
Now the museum of Gaville is the keeper of a collection of 7000 pieces and its members together with the Provveditore Pier Luigi Righi are working hard to preserve this cultural heritage. The collection is placed in the rooms next to the thousand-year old Romanesque parish church of San Romolo in Gaville. In 2012 this place was named “House of the rural culture”.
Tourists, groups and students can visit the museum with a guide. Every year an average of 2000 visitors comes to the museum. In addition to this, many people arrive in Gaville during the Spring town festival in May.