Santi Stefano e Caterina Church

The Church of Santi Stefano and Caterina is a sacred building located in Pozzolatico,in the municipality of Impruneta.
The village Pozzolatico was already inhabited in Roman times, as evidenced by archaeological finds in the area but the Church is mentioned for the first time in 1156 when it confirmed the possession of this church by Ugo Rector of Impruneta with a bull of Pope Adrian IV.
Inside there are preserved various  artworks such as a painting portraing a martyrdom of St. Stephen, a copy of the painting by Pietro da Cortona; then we can find a Madonna and child attributed to Jacopo del Casentino; Another painting representing Madonna and child with St. John between Saints Cosmas and Damian of Alessandro Allori dated 1582 and an ecstasy of Saint Catherine of Ricci made from the workshop of Jacopo Vignali.