Bianchi  “celestial passion” for 135 years

Cycling is good for the mood, countreacts stress, anxiety and depression,it realeses    endorphins, happiness hormones, with an immediate effect on self- esteem. BE CAREFUL, it can cause addiction and dependance!! Cycling is an activity suitable for peolpe of all ages and it extends life






Bianchi Sprint Ultegra Disc  -Full Carbon Road

First day € 45
Extra days €40
Beyond 7 days € 28

The carbon monocoque frame belongs to the Racing category and ensures maximum power transmission with the best ratio between lihgtness and rigidity. That provides an aggressive platform perfect for chasing down attacks and sprints. The aerodynamic profile of the head tube is the evidence of the bike’s authentic racing DNA.
Frame compatible with tires up to 700*32,, ideal on the “Eroica” routes and on the “Strade Bianche Gran Fondo”


Bianchi Via Nirone 7 AllRoad GRX400- Gravel

First day € 30
Extra days € 26
Beyond 7 days € 18

The “Via Nirone Allroad”  meets the needs of those cyclists who want a bicycles suitable for all kind of terrains and ideal for cycling. The Gravel can be equipped with luggage carrier and bags.


Bianchi T-Tronik Sport 9.1 – e-Bike

First day € 40
Extra days € 35
Beyond 7 days € 24

NO MORE DRY TANKS AT THE END OF THE UPHILL: SAVE YOUR ENERGY FOR THE FUN PART, THE DOWNHILL. T-Tronik Sport is a perfect bike for those who wants to venture on trails  and on Chianti’s white/dirt roads thanks to reliable components on a  frame skillfully designed. In this new and captivating E-MTB world the question is no long “how long can you cycle?” but “how long do want to cycle?”



Week of EROICA: € 160

Other times:

First day € 60
Extra days € 40
Beyond 7 days € 30
We also provide over 50 vintage bicycles from the late ’60 to the ’80.  Most of them have a box with 28t. Bicycles perfect both for the cycling route/ciclostorici events and for an”eroico”/heroic cycling day.









• Delivery and pick-up from/to hotels and holiday houses
• E-bike recharge
• Shower point
• Bike washing